Reception with totem and display
Display touch at reception desk
Totem touch at reception hall
Mini display touch with advertising campaign

Digital signage, totem and mobile for hotels and accommodation

Screens and totems for hotels

Through an ecosystem of touchscreen, display, and kiosk totems, you can improve the overall guest experience, make internal operations more efficient, and increase customer satisfaction within the accommodation.

Digital ecosystem with totem, display and smartphone

Information totem touchscreen

Check-in, appointment reservations, access to personal areas, info, entertainment, and news are advantages a totem can bring to your property

Useful informations and display

To entertain patients while waiting with helpful information, news, advertising, and promotions. Effectively spread schedules, activities, events, and information about transportation and services

Mobile for further information

Learning more about what shows the displays improve the overall customer experience, simplifies operations, and makes it easier for customers to stay in the area.

Payment kiosks

Book additional services such as activities, events, and services to check in and out quickly and manage room keys.

More than 300 activity templates, news, corporate slides
and useful guest info

Preset models with captivating animated graphics to give maximum flexibility and adapt to all types of communication: events, activities, public transport, local information and staff contacts, internal and external news, photographs, videos, and social channels.

News template
Booking feedback template
Food and wine proposal template
Instagram feed template
Advertising promo template
Breakfast schedule template
Google feedback template
Tripadvisor feedback template

Not only software: an Italian company supports you and works with you

"Efficient communication" icon

Efficient communication

Communicate effectively with guests. You can share crucial information such as opening hours of services, special events, promotions, structure rules, and tourist tips through screens strategically placed in public areas, in the lobby, or in the rooms.

"Offers promotion" icon

Offers promotion

Promote special offers, vacation packages, and discounts at the hotel or accommodation: this can help increase sales of additional services such as restaurants, spas, recreation, and local tours.

"Improve your guests experience" icon

Improve your guest's experience

Help improve the guest experience by providing helpful information and entertainment. For example, you can view local news, weather forecasts, area maps, recommendations for activities, and cultural events, all of which can help guests make the most of their stay.

"Customization and flexibility" icon

Customization and flexibility

Livesignage allows greater customization and flexibility in the management of displayed information. Update your display content in real-time based on guests' needs or current events, ensuring an always new and relevant experience.

Always updated contents

Connect your channels to Livesignage and forget about manual updates.

Automatethe upgrade process by linking Livesignage to any source.
Post photos and reels from the Instagram community. Show brand updates from Facebook or LinkedIn.

Link to your RSS feeds to publish real-time news about the tourist structure.
Show videos from Vimeo or YouTube.
Enter your private source with maximum security.

Series of templates

Increase the brand reputation of your business

Make your services more efficient through specific RSS for accommodation facilities.
You have a wide range of apps available from the Software Marketplace.
Use Booking and Tripadvisor to create templates and share reviews and customer feedback.
Customize automated templates to keep content up to date and make your communication engaging.

Facilitates check-in and routine operations

Use touchscreen displays and kiosks to make your services more efficient. Use part of the touch screen to add custom experiences.
Allow the customer to perform operations independently with digital check-in.
Make the flow of user operations traceable thanks to the touch’s ability to store the actions performed.

Totem touch with online check in template

Promote the territory with customized advertising campaigns

Attract users and promote the territory with a touch display at the reception. Use displays to encourage activitiesmeans of transportservices, and events in the territory.
Advertise affiliate services 
and sponsors that collaborate with your business. Help the user to orient themselves independently and effectively, allowing them to deepen the offers presented on the display.

Advertising campaign on display touch
Reception hall with display and totem

From display to smartphone

Deliver personalized information and convert it through your smartphone. Insert the QR Codes in the displays or print them physically so the customer can book visits or consult their interests independently

Wine shop coupon on mobile web app
"Direct bookings from mobile" icon

Direct bookings from mobile

Check in and check out, book restaurants, public transport and activities.

"Provide all the useful info" icon

Provide all the helpful info

Insert promotions, contact forms, sponsors, info and services.

"Everything through a web app" icon

Everything through a web app

It is possible to achieve every touchpoint without needing a mobile application installed on a device.

"Fully customizable" icon

Fully customizable

Insert your logo, your colors, and the most suitable images. Customize the web app, making it consistent with your brand.


Livesignage guides you into
your project

Thanks to our experience in the field, combined with our ability to listen and our creative spirit, we can give you concrete support to make your project a reality with a continuous and reliable service.
We are available to manage all operational activities and streamline your growth path.

How we support your project:

Research and analysis

We study and analyze
the market to add value to the uniqueness of your project.

Hardware consultancy

We support you in the choice of displays, peripherals and
IoT integrations.

Dialogue with partners

We manage communication flows to optimize the times and
methods of implementation.

Content production

We create content with custom templates and high visual

API and integrations

We care about connecting and
integrating all your business

Advertising campaigns

From paper to digital,
we turn your communication project into reality.

Results reporting

Real-time monitoring and strategic evaluation of results.

Testing and publishing

We test the content and
share the preview for
pre-publishing approval.

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