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Deliver on Display, Engage on Smartphone

Simple, powerful, automated.
With Livesignage, you can communicate on displays with customizable templates, engage your audience directly on their mobile devices, measure and improve results with the support and advice of our team.
Discover the new way to communicate your message.

Convert smartphone clicks into sales, reservations, subscriptions and sharing with the Livesignage app
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Logo Banca di Castagneto Carducci
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Logo Fondazione Sistema Toscana
Logo Comune di Castagneto Carducci
Logo Banca di Castagneto Carducci
Logo CAI
Logo Comune di Chiusdino
Logo Gruppo Spaggiari Parma
Logo Jaw Steel Italy
Logo Mermec
Logo Laviosa
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Logo SNS Pisa
Logo CDC
Logo Fondazione Sistema Toscana
Logo Comune di Castagneto Carducci
Logo Banca di Castagneto Carducci
Logo CAI
Logo Comune di Chiusdino
Logo Gruppo Spaggiari Parma
Logo Jaw Steel Italy
Logo Mermec
Logo Laviosa
Logo Smith Bits
Logo SNS Pisa
Logo CDC
Logo Fondazione Sistema Toscana
Logo Comune di Castagneto Carducci
Logo Banca di Castagneto Carducci
Logo CAI
Logo Comune di Chiusdino
Logo Gruppo Spaggiari Parma
Logo Jaw Steel Italy
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Comunica su Display, Coinvolgi su Smartphone.

Semplice, potente, automatico. Con Livesignage comunichi sui display con template personalizzabili, coinvolgi il tuo pubblico direttamente sui loro dispositivi mobile, misuri e migliori i risultati con il supporto e la consulenza del nostro team.
Scopri il nuovo modo di comunicare il tuo messaggio.

Totem Display with real-time info such as weather and mobility from the Livesignage digital tourism app

How it works

Livesignage is software that creates automated and customizable content.
A modular and scalable solution to communicate your content and engage customers.

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What people say about us

Livesignage is a customizable solution that adapts to the
specific needs of each sector. With more than 10 years of experience,
we collaborate and develop the projects of promotional bodies
and tourism organizations, communication agencies, companies active in the food & beverage sector, retail and banking.

"With Livesignage we have considerably increased the bank's communication performance towards customers, to the great satisfaction of Management and customers themselves. The multiple layouts available allow you to quickly change the graphics, while the consulting service is timely, accurate, fast and of great quality. Excellent solution, highly recommended at all levels."

Testimonial Angelo Scuri
Angelo Scuri
Marketing Manager
Castagneto Bank 1910

"Many of the customers who come for the first time have never tried Iraqi cuisine. Thanks to Livesignage, in a few simple steps, we created animations on the displays to promote the dishes on the menu and that customers can view on their smartphone through the mobile solution. And the result? Satisfied customers and much faster orders."

Testimonial Hani Nissan
Hani Nissan
Managing Director
Tarma, Kuala Lumpur

"At our hotels and restaurants in Bali we not only communicate our offer dynamically on displays, but our customers can immediately place their orders from their mobile device.
Since using Livesignage, requests for extra services have increased dramatically."

Testimonial Tayna Ranni Oliveira
Tayna Ranni Oliveira
Wasabi, Bali

"We chose Livesignage for its versatility of use.
The software integrates with other apps and allows users to interact with content from screens using their smartphone, through a simple QR code. The solution has allowed us to provide timely information, events and services to citizens and tourists: an aspect that we consider fundamental for an effective promotion of the territory."

Testimonial Cristiano Pullini
Cristiano Pullini
Tourism Assessor
District of Castagneto Carducci

Trust the numbers

Years of experience
Worldwide installations
Animated templates
Qr codes

Case study

Some real examples of projects carried out by Livesignage:

Logo Comune di Chiusdino

San Galgano and Chiusdino: all in just one app

An ecosystem of totems, apps and territorial communication to create an engaging and
immersive tourist experience. A project that today enhances the historical-artistic heritage of
the San Galgano and Chiusdino area, in the heart of Tuscany.

Logo Banca di Castagneto Carducci

Castagneto Bank 1910: dynamic communication in branch

Always up-to-date content on branch displays, such as news, initiatives and offers automatically taken from selected sources. The mobile solution promotes events in the area of Castagneto Carducci, a small Italian village near Livorno, Tuscany.

Logo Comune di Volterra

Mauro Staccioli: the art pieces, the artist and it's territory on your smartphone

An interactive experience to learn about the artistic production of Mauro Staccioli in the city of Volterra, in Tuscany. In addition to impactful and informative content on the displays, QR codes are a gateway to numerous extra content, curiosities, maps and itineraries all to be explored.

Logo Comune di Castagneto Carducci

Live Castagneto: a new way to live the territory.

Connected displays and totems to provide personalized and timely communication about
events, services, weather, experiences and points of interest. Access the Live Castagneto app with your smartphone for insights, booking services, promotions and news.

Anna Skoromnaya: when technology promotes art

Live Signage becomes an integral part of Anna Skoromnaya's award-winning work "Sweet Corner": the LiveSync app allows you to synchronously display content on multiple displays, amplifying the fluidity and intensity sought by the artist.

Why Livesignage?

Immagine che mostra display integrati con il  digital signage di Livesignage che connettere tecnologie mobilie e IOT

Livesignage makes you interactive

Choose whether to inform, entertain or engage your customers with interactive content. Livesignage is a unique solution that transcends the limits of displays to ensure an omnichannel

- integrate digital signage with your spaces, data and services
- connect mobile, IoT technologies and analog tools to streamline your processes
- monitor and measure results in real time

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Flic Button Livesignage connected to Alexa changes the playlist of totems and displays with a click thanks to Phygital technology

Livesignage is flexible

You don't have to use our interface. We integrate
with your CMS and other business sources and tools
thanks to a scalable and secure architecture:
- integrate your favorite apps from the marketplace
- CMS Headless for easy integration
- Secure and documented APIs

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Livesignage offer a solid support and guide you into your project

Livesignage guides you into your projects

Thanks to our experience in the field combined with the ability to listen and our creative spirit, we can give you solid support to realize your project with a continuous and reliable
- Research and analysis
- Content production
- API and integrations
- Analysis and reporting

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Caratteristiche straordinarie

Piattaforma e automazioni

Feed pubblici e personalizzati

Scegli le tue fonti informative e riduci il lavoro redazionale con le app feed che pubblicano i contenuti al tuo posto.
Ogni aggiornamento arriva istantaneamente sui display e smartphone, per un servizio super puntuale.

Animazioni e risorse gratuite

Crea contenuti in pochi minuti ed esprimi la tua personalità scegliendo varianti, colori, immagini e video dal web o dai tuoi materiali.

Tag e calendari per programmare i contenuti

Utilizza questi strumenti per modificare la comunicazione in base al meteo, al momento del giorno, alla localizzazione del display o dello smartphone.

Playlist collaborative

Una soluzione pensata per semplificare la collaborazione di team verticali, tecnici e creativi, garantendo autonomia e zero conflitti.

Analytics delle conversioni

Accedi alle statistiche sulle interazioni mobile per valutare e ricalibrare le tue strategie.

Display & Mobile

Sempre online e performante

Animazioni, video e interazioni super fluide grazie al caching sul display.

Contenuti e interazioni ad hoc

Livesignage è progettato per calamitare l’attenzione sul display ed espandere l’esperienza sugli smartphone con azioni e conversioni significative per te e per il tuo target.

Conversioni immediate

Zero frizioni tra il QR code e l’interazione su smartphone con le progressive web app. Hai la massima velocità e non richiedono il download.

Consulenza e Setup

Consulenza a 360°

Una saggia guida per l’affinamento delle tue idee, il focus sulla user experience, le scelte tecnologiche e dei display.

Setup snello

Per espandere rapidamente le tue capacità attivando le app della licenza base o con l’upgrade a Professional.


Attivazioni dal marketplace, aggiornamenti e assistenza sono semplificati al massimo grazie all’architettura in cloud e al team tecnico a tua disposizione.

Integrazioni e Sicurezza

Integrazioni hardware

Espandi le capacità dei display e le interazioni con le integrazioni verso dispositivi IoT, stampanti, webcam, lettori NFC, barcode e QR code.

API e personalizzazioni

Un servizio per portare sui display gli strumenti, i servizi e le info indispensabili per il tuo team o per il tuo target

Prevenzione e sicurezza h/24

Livesignage è un prodotto sicuro e sempre monitorato per evitare attacchi, sovraccarichi di memoria e altre anomalie.

i settori

Soluzioni funzionali
per ogni ambito

more than 300 template

Watch Livesignage
in action

With more than 20 displays, our showroom allows to show, via videocall or in person, the features for any kind of case study.

Nello Showroom di Livesignage si vede la sala meeting che mostra le funzionalità dei wall digital display

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Per ingaggiare e meravigliare il tuo target con interazioni fluide e contenuti ad hoc.


Per un investimento contenuto senza rinunciare all’interattività sul mobile.


Per offrire un’esperienza immersiva, in vetrina o in ambienti indoor.

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