Simple, Powerful, Automatic.

With Livesignage, you only need a few seconds
to automatically create high-impact content.
Capture attention on displays and convert to smartphones.

Create contents with your data

With Livesignage, you transform the data you may have in a spreadsheet or even a simple text document into digital signage content. Automatically, the app creates text, animations, and color schemes to be shown on totems and their displays. But it doesn't end here. Whenever you update the source data, it also automatically updates the content on the displays.

The Livesignage playlist populates in a second with automatic content that is immediately displayed on the displays

300+ Templates

Livesignage spreads your content with animated and customizable templates.
You'll have over 300 templates to choose from in order to lighten the editorial and creative work for you and
your team.

Example of over 300 templates to choose from in the Livesignage playlist and help editorial and creative work

Connect your social media channels

Connect your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo accounts with a simple link, and your playlist slides on the displays will populate with your feed content, with the ability to use dedicated
filters and hashtags.
Increase the visibility of your social media content and add value to your communication on displays.

See how Livesignage connects your social accounts with a link and populates display playlist slides

Dynamic Triggers

Create automatic content to send to the displays by assigning specific tags.
For example, you can suggest a product from your
e-commerce based on weather conditions or the
user's location.

See how Livesignage uses dynamic triggers with specific tags

Multi-zone layout

Create unique combinations on displays: Split the screen vertically, horizontally, or in squares to make on-display communication even more dynamic.
Excite, inform and promote.

Livesignage's multi-zone layout creates unique display wall combinations and synchronizes your playlists

In realtime

Schedule the content on the displays according to the variables you prefer.
For example, tourist agencies and PAs can provide real-time information on weather, mobility, and scheduled or ongoing events.

Example of how with Livesignage tourist agencies and PAs can provide real-time info on the weather, mobility and events

Content synchronization

Perfectly combine and synchronize your playlists on video wall displays and rely on the performance
of Livesignage.

See how Livesignage sync creates a unique combination of your playlist content on display walls

Remote management

Control displays remotely. For example: adjust settings such as volume or brightness and turn on notifications to receive system info such as connection and memory status updates.

Example of hardware monitoring with which Livesignage activates offline alert notification via email


Monitor your KPIs in real time on the custom dashboard.
Measure and readjust the communication
strategy based on statistics on QR code scans, the most visited content or the most clicked actions.

Example of how Livesignage monitors your KPIs in real time on the personalized dashboard