Display in showcase with shoe presentation
Smartphones with advertising and discounts
videowall in the perfume store
touch screen in fashion store

Digital signage, totems, and screens for
retail, shops and shopping malls

Screen displays for shop windows
and totem displays for retai

Discover the power of the interactive experience in your store! Attract the attention of passers-by with dynamic window displays and interactive totems inside the store: this allows you to learn more, order, and make purchases using your smartphone. Immerse customers in engaging experiences via touchscreen totems or totems dedicated to e-commerce.

Digital ecosystem with totem, display and smartphone with clothes advertising

LED or display in the shop window

Showcase your promotional videos easily and attract customers with WOW content.

Indoor displays and totems

Show current promotions and promotional videos of your flagship products.

Mobile for digital catalogue

Create a digital catalog to browse anytime to learn more about the products inside and outside the store.

Payment totem

Simplify the payment process in-store or allow you to order items that are temporarily unavailable in-store.

More than 300 animated templates
for products, discounts, and offers

Pre-set templates with eye-catching animated graphics, perfect for capturing the attention of your customers, and animated slides suitable for any communication: from displaying products in the shop window to updates on the latest arrivals, from special offers to scheduled events, you will find everything you need to make your shopping experience even more engaging and memorable.

Template with Advertising Bundle
Floral dress promotion template
Template with store outlets
Template with the social media of a fashion brand
outfit proposal from Zalando template
sneakers promoting video template
clothes category template
promotion of shoes and low prices template

Not just software: an Italian company
that supports you and works with you

"products promotion" icon

Product promotion

Take advantage of the potential of digital displays to showcase your products in a WOW way and attract more customers!

"offers and discouts" icon

Discounts and offers

Showcase ongoing promotions, special discounts, and limited offers to attract customer's attention and increase sales.

"Qr code and mobile" icon

QR code and mobile

Please take advantage of our QR Codes to maximize digitalization. We also create your product catalog for smartphones.

"education and assistance" icon

Training and consultancy

Don't worry, we'll help you. We provide consultancy and training to grow your business.

Insert photos and videos for retail displays and totems

Create stunning video and image visualizations on both internal and external LED displays, offering a stunning visual experience in every store context:

example of video and pictures uploading on software

Promote products easily and intuitively

Promoting your products has always been challenging! Connect your product catalog and use our animated templates to encourage them in an eye-catching way. Each designed graphic composition offers the best experience to visitors, taking into account the context and environment.

example of template creation on software interface

Innovate your store with experienced signage!

Experience signage is a powerful communication strategy that transforms physical environments into places of digital experience and interaction. It is much more than just a digital signage action!

the contents of a totem change base on the target

Real-time personalized displays

Personalize the shopping experience thanks to Nexmosphere presence sensors!

Offer targeted content and promotions based on user preferences and behaviors.
Insert displays and totems in strategic areas of people's influx.
Change display brightness or volume depending on your target and time of day.
totem identifying the target

Create immersive and engaging experiences for customers

Make the experience unique and engaging using sensors, totems, lights, and music.
Thanks to the most innovative IoT technologies, you can connect your products to the displays in the store: when a customer picks up an item, the displays positioned in front of them react instantly, showing additional information, pairing suggestions, or demonstration videos.

Lift and learn example with a smartwatch and a display

Continue communication outside the store

Wherever you are, without any complications or extra settings,
the customer can access any content and interaction from their smartphone.

digital shop on smartphone web app
"no download" icon

No downloads

Your customers have nothing to download; scan the QR Code to view the product catalog.

"complete control over orders" icon

Complete control over orders

Track and manage orders with the appropriate app. Customize collections, deliveries, price lists, payments, and times.

"create categories and products" icon

Create categories and products

Add menu categories, enter your products, and choose the price. Add variations and sizes.

"customization" icon


Insert your logo and colors, and insert the most exciting photos of your products.


Livesignage guides you into
your project

Thanks to our experience in the field, combined with our ability to listen and our creative spirit, we can give you concrete support to make your project a reality with a continuous and reliable service.
We are available to manage all operational activities and streamline your growth path.

How we support your project:

Research and analysis

We study and analyze
the market to add value to the uniqueness of your project.

Hardware consultancy

We support you in the choice of displays, peripherals and
IoT integrations.

Dialogue with partners

We manage communication flows to optimize the times and
methods of implementation.

Content production

We create content with custom templates and high visual

API and integrations

We care about connecting and
integrating all your business

Advertising campaigns

From paper to digital,
we turn your communication project into reality.

Results reporting

Real-time monitoring and strategic evaluation of results.

Testing and publishing

We test the content and
share the preview for
pre-publishing approval.

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