It combines the explosive visibility of screens
with the power of mobile conversions.
Discover 5 good reasons to choose Livesignage.

automatic contents+ AI

Livesignage works for

Thanks to integrated AI, with Livesignage, you can automate the creation of any content quickly and
Just activate your favorite apps from the marketplace or connect your internal sources, such as public, feeds, social networks, portals or databases. And in an instant, you're immediately online with your content.
With more than 300 automated templates, you can create instant updates with high visual impact, both on displays and on smartphones, completely automatic.

The Livesignage playlist populates in a second with automatic content that is immediately displayed on the displays
mobile conversions

Livesignage guides the user

Create a Mobile Playlist
With Livesignage, you automatically create a progressive Web App, usable on smartphones through a QR code, which guides the user towards conversion: purchase, request info, reservation,
The logic is very simple: for each slide on the display, there is content generated automatically on
Livesignage collects all the content in the Mobile Playlist, to which you can add pages, external links
and conversion tools.

Simple and intuitive for users
Does not require downloading
Integrate and create continuity with content on displays
Example of how the progressive Web App Livesignage can be used on smartphones via QR code
phygital experience

Livesignage makes you

Inform, inspire or engage your customers with interactive content.
Livesignage is a unique solution that integrates your spaces, your data and your services to ensure
an omnichannel experience.

Harness the interactive potential of displays with touchscreens and totems, webcams, NFC readers or QR codes.
Engage on displays and convert on mobile with a mobile app
Upgrade content in a smart and dynamic way, change the playlist and change settings remotely.
Example of how Livesignage exploits the interactive potential of displays, totems, touch screens, webcams, NFC readers, QR codes
cloud & headless CMS

Livesignage is flexible

It is not necessary to use our interface:
Livesignage is customizable according to your needs.
We integrate with your CMS, your sources and business tools, and we develop the necessary
extensions of features and premium content.
Our software has a scalable, totally cloud-based architecture, which allows you to develop systems

Connect your favorite apps from the marketplace
No need to install the software, and it works on any mobile device
Comprehensive and documented APIs for maximum security
Example of how Livesignage is customizable as needed and integrates with your CMS, sources and business tools

Livesignage guides you into
your project

Thanks to our experience in the field, combined with our ability to listen and our creative spirit, we can give you concrete support to make your project a reality with a continuous and reliable service.
We are available to manage all operational activities and streamline your growth path.

How we support your project:

Research and analysis

We study and analyze
the market to add value to the uniqueness of your project.

Hardware consultancy

We support you in the choice of displays, peripherals and
IoT integrations.

Dialogue with partners

We manage communication flows to optimize the times and
methods of implementation.

Content production

We create content with custom templates and high visual

API and integrations

We care about connecting and
integrating all your business

Advertising campaigns

From paper to digital,
we turn your communication project into reality.

Results reporting

Real-time monitoring and strategic evaluation of results.

Testing and publishing

We test the content and
share the preview for
pre-publishing approval.