Waiting room display with staff presentation
Waiting room with totem, display, kiosk queue remover
Display with meeting time of the room
RReception with display, removing queue kiosk

Digital signage, screens and totems for medical practices, clinics and hospitals

Screens and totems for medical office

Patients are accompanied throughout the clinic experience with displays that show all necessary information: the information can be viewed on smartphones or interactively through touchscreen totems and kiosks.

Digital ecosystem with totem, display and smartphone

Touchscreen information totems

Check-in, appointment bookings, access to personal areas, info, entertainment, and news are advantages that a totem can bring to your facility.

Display useful information

While waiting, entertain patients with helpful information, news, advertising, and promotions. Effectively disseminate timetables, valid telephone numbers, and essential medical communications.

Mobile for further information

To gain insight into what the displays show, improve the overall patient experience, streamline operations, and facilitate communication between patients and medical staff.

Payment kiosks

To streamline the payment process for patients, reduce wait times, and improve the efficiency of healthcare facility administrative operations.

More than 300 templates for timetables,
news and patient information

Preset templates with eye-catching animated graphics to give your best-animated slides to adapt to all types of communication:
Doctors' timetables, staff information, contacts, internal and external news, queuing, social channels, health education, alerts, and announcements.

Cardiology team presentation template
Psychology bonus article template
La Repubblica news template
instagram feed template
Doctor presentation template
Time template
Instagram post template
Clinic services template

Not only software: an Italian company supports you and works with you

"Effective internal communication" icon

Effective internal communication

Communicate important information to healthcare personnel within the healthcare facility: updates on healthcare protocols, reminders for staff meetings, news on continuing education, or announcements about company events.

"Effective communication with patients" icon

Effective communication with patients

Communicate with patients and visitors within the clinic or hospital. This communication could include directions to departments, emergency alerts, promotions for additional health services, such as free screenings, or information about prevention programs.

"Health education" icon

Health education

Provide health education to patients and visitors. They could include informative videos on common medical conditions, healthy lifestyle tips, after-care instructions, or illustrations of medical procedures.

"Management of queues and waiting times" icon

Management of queues and waiting times

Inform patients about waiting times for appointments or visits. They could include real-time display of shift numbers, warnings of delays, or notifications when your shift is imminent.

Improve patient's waiting

Create your content quickly and get inspired by animated templates: you have over 300 templates available that you can easily customize.

Schedule contents across single or grouped displays.
View the preview of your playlists on your smartphone.

Divide the display into zones to multiply the contents visible to the patient.

Connect Livesignage to the clinic’s management system to update information automatically.

Improve your patient's waiting

Always updated contents

manual updates.
Automate the update process by connecting Livesignage to any source, from social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and X to platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube, as well as private RSS sources.

Eliminate queues in the department

Divide your displays into zones to simultaneously show queue progress, promotions, and communications; use IoT buttons to manage the queue and change the content of the displays.You can make your services more efficient with the Live Queue digital queue management system through displays and touch totems.

Eliminate queues in the department

Monitor user actions on touch totems and smartphones

Check and improve your sales strategies and KPIs: quantify the scans of each QR Code, verify the customer's navigation path on the smartphone, and monitor the flow of customers within the center.

Monitor user actions on totem touch and smartphone
Clinic waiting room with informative display

From display to smartphone

Convey personalized information and convert it through your smartphone.
Insert the QR Codes into the displays or print them so the customer can book visits or consult their interests independently.

Information mobile web app
"Always updated mobile solution" icon

A constantly updated mobile solution

Livesignage creates a real-time mobile touchpoint so the patient can learn more and carry out booking, download, purchase, or any other conversion actions.

"Provide all the useful info" icon

Provide all helpful information

Insert photos, videos, catalogs, documents, contact forms, products, links, and any information you want

"Simple, fast and ready to use" icon

Simple, fast and ready to use

You create a complete, functional, and attractive mobile experience in minutes!

"100% multilingual and customizable" icon

Multilingual and 100% customizable

Insert your logo, your colors, and the most suitable images. Customize the app, making it consistent with your brand.


Livesignage guides you into
your project

Thanks to our experience in the field, combined with our ability to listen and our creative spirit, we can give you concrete support to make your project a reality with a continuous and reliable service.
We are available to manage all operational activities and streamline your growth path.

How we support your project:

Research and analysis

We study and analyze
the market to add value to the uniqueness of your project.

Hardware consultancy

We support you in the choice of displays, peripherals and
IoT integrations.

Dialogue with partners

We manage communication flows to optimize the times and
methods of implementation.

Content production

We create content with custom templates and high visual

API and integrations

We care about connecting and
integrating all your business

Advertising campaigns

From paper to digital,
we turn your communication project into reality.

Results reporting

Real-time monitoring and strategic evaluation of results.

Testing and publishing

We test the content and
share the preview for
pre-publishing approval.

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