Connect your sources
and start communicating now

Locate your sources and choose the apps in our marketplace
to link them to Livesignage.

From now on, you won’t need to adapt your creativity or produce animations from scratch:
Livesignage automatically converts your data into  high visual impact contents.

For example, you can share your social feeds or customize
your communication with profiled contents;
you can take advantage of mobile and touch display solution with interactive scenarios;
You can integrate business tools or connect your e-commerce.

Catch the eye with a memorable experience.

The Live Signage Marketplace is one place to find all of your integration apps.

Phygital & IoT

Icon of the Livesignage app for Alexa that changes the contents of the displays by voice command showing the scenario you want


Change your contents with a
voice command.
Just name the scenario name and the displays will update
on the fly.

Livesignage Button by Flic icon: manage scenarios with discretion and change profiled contents to be shown on the display

Button by Flic

Manage scenarios discreetly.
Edit contents by clicking the Flic button and communicate with your audience with profiled contents.

Personalized feeds

Icon of the RSS feed Integration with which you create thematic groups and exclude others with convenient filters

Integration feed

Generate automatic contents by indicating your favorite sources.
Connect your database, services or other external sources.
You can create thematic groups and exclude contents with filters.
Custom feed is safe, does not expose you to cyber risks.

RSS Feed icon, Livesignage app that informs the public from displays and totems with updates from their favorite sources


Inform your audience with frequent and automatic updates.
Choose your favorite sources from blogs, newspapers and other websites. Use the template you prefer and Livesignage will publish the content for you.

Google Sheets app icon to show a playlist of feeds listed on their own DB and that Livesignage prepares for you

Google Sheet

Create and update contents
faster, without changing slides
one by one.
Collect your data on the Sheet,
link it to Livesignage and associate the columns to the template fields. That’s it!
Change texts, images and colors in seconds and go online.

Social media

Instagram Account app icon by Livesignage that gives maximum prominence to posts and stories of your account with animated templates

Instagram account

Communicate by images by linking your Instagram account.
Livesignage gives maximum emphasis to posts and stories with animated and accurated templates.

Icon of the Livesignage Instagram app: tell a trend from a hashtag search and automatically populate your displays

Instagram hashtag

Tell a trend or a theme through the search by hashtag. Use the huge Instagram archive to populate your display of contents related to your communication.

Facebook app icon Account with which you can share posts and stories in beautiful animated Livesignage templates

Facebook account

Bring your posts and stories to the displays for consistent, cost-free communication.
Connect your Facebook account to share content in beautiful animated templates that will capture your audience and new followers.

Livesignage Twitter account icon gives value to your updates, discussions, stimulates interaction and sharing

Twitter account

Launch quick updates and discussions directly from your Twitter account.
Livesignage enhances messages, stimulates interaction and sharing.

Icon of the Livesignage Twitter hashtag app that populates the displays with content related to communication

Twitter hashtag

Inform your audience about a trend or theme through Twitter hashtag search.
Use the power of tweets to populate your display of contents related to your communication.

Livesignage hashtag TikTok app icon to add video clips of a favorite trend and take advantage of automatic content

TikTok hashtag (coming soon)

Add video clips on a trend or theme with TikTok hashtag search.
Get trending with automatic Livesignage content.

Livesignage YouTube app icon for an immersive experience and greater visibility of your channel

YouTube video

Integrate YouTube into your playlist of contents.
Copy the link, save the slide and it will be online.

Livesignage YouTube app icon for an immersive experience and greater visibility of your channel

YouTube channel

Enhance your YouTube channel's visibility and make your audience’s experience more immersive.

Livesignage YouTube app icon for an immersive experience and greater visibility of your channel

YouTube playlist

Create a custom playlist for your communication and publish it on displays.
Make the most effective impact with your communication in just a few clicks.

Icon of the Livesignage Facebook Live app that amplifies communication and brings live video to displays and totems

Facebook Live

Amplify your communication and bring live social media to the displays.
Turn on Facebook Live to expand your audience, increase followers and share your contents.

Livesignage Vimeo app icon that enriches the playlist with video content by adding a simple link to the slides


Develop your playlist with immersive video contents.
Create the slide, add the Vimeo video link and publish online.

Shop and services

Icon of the Livesignage Showroom app, interactive catalog of products for sale on your e-commerce

Live Commerce

Create your online store, display products and sell on mobile.
Manage orders and analyze statistics with the admin app.

Livesignage Live Commerce Touch icon that connects your e-commerce or Live Commerce platform on touch display

Commerce touch

Accelerate your sales by bringing your e-commerce to touch display.
You can integrate your platform or choose our Live Commerce.

Weather Livesignage app icon to associate weather tags to content and display will show based on weather conditions

Weather tag

Associate the weather tags with the contents and the display will show them according to weather conditions.
An example? If it rains you might suggest buying an umbrella or doing an indoor activity.

Icon of the Livesignage Showroom app, interactive catalog of products for sale on your e-commerce


Have customers interact with your catalogue by showing the details of your products, color variations, materials and simulating their use on a large screen.

Icon of the Livesignage Queue kiosk which manages queues, prints tickets and shows waiting times on displays also on mobile


Manage queues and print tickets. Show waiting times on the in-store display network and mobile.

Icon representing Livesignage Real Estate to increase the usability of content also from mobile

Real Estate

Enhance ads without lifting a finger: it’s all automatic. Display turns on by itself, it connects to your ERP or your real estate portal and publishes content. With the QR code, customers immediately have photos, descriptions and insights at hand.

Tourism and Government

Livesignage's Live Tourist app icon that helps to share experiences, mobility info and services from touch displays

Live Tourist

Promote and share experiences, activities, mobility info, services and communications on your territory.

Tourist touch

Guide tourists and citizens in a interactive way.
Maps, thematic research, insights for indoor displays and outdoor totem.

Professional tools

Livesignage Google Calendar app icon that improves the management of commitments and meeting rooms directly on the display

Google Calendar

Bring your calendars into display to improve management of commitments and meeting rooms. Every change automatically spreads to your displays.

Livesignage Clock app icon showing a clock on displays fixing situations where you don't want to show anything


Decorate your space with style.
Use the Clock app whenever you want the display to show no content.

Webcam Livesignage app icon to hold videoconferences from displays and video walls without having to stay still at your desk


Maximize the potential of your display with video conferencing.
With the Webcam app you can see and interact with your interlocutor and you are free to move in your spaces, instead of keeping a fixed location in front of the PC.

Meeting Room Livesignage app icon that shows the occupancy/booking status on the displays at the meeting room entrance

Meeting Room

It organizes and shows the schedule of the meeting rooms’ reservations.
It avoids interruptions and overlaps through displays at the entrance of the rooms and in the common spaces.

Livesignage Analytics app icon that monitors logins from QR code scans and supports marketing strategy

QR Analytics

Analyze mobile statistics: QR code scans, most visited contents, most clicked actions.
Evaluate and adapt your strategy with Livesignage dashboards.

White Label Livesignage icon, the app that allows you to totally customize display and mobile communication

White label

Fully customize your communication. Replace the Livesignage logo with your brand, on display and mobile.

Icon of Live Sync by Livesignage, an app that helps sync your playlists to display walls

Live Sync

Sync your playlists to display
Create a unique combination and rely on Livesignage performance.

Symbol of the Livesignage Scenario, the app that synchronizes the same video on multiple display walls in a fluid and high-performance way


Sync your video to a display
Choose the smoothness and performance of Livesignage.

Multiaccount icon of Livesignage, the app that helps manage team collaboration in a simple way


Simplify collaboration between vertical, technical and creative teams.
Activate the multi account to access the platform independently and without conflicts.

Livesignage Offline alert app icon that sends email notifications to instantly restore display connectivity

Offline alert

Activate email notifications and quickly restore your network and communication as needed.
Keep display connectivity under control.


Icon of the Livesignage Booking Reviews app to share photos and reviews of the property and filter the best ones

Booking Reviews

Enhance your structure's visibility and tell guests about your services using their words.
With the Booking Reviews app, share photos and reviews directly on the display. Use filters and focus on the positive ones.

Icon of the Livesignage Google Review app with which to share the brand reputation and show only the desired updates

Google Reviews

Share your brand reputation with Google reviews.
Activate the app, set filters and go online.
Your reputation is secure: Livesignage only shows updates that match your filters.

Icon of the Livesignage TripAdvisor app that brings the best reviews to the display by filtering the best ones

TripAdvisor Reviews

Bring your customers' best reviews to the displays. Activate the app, set filters and share reviews.
TripAdvisor guides your customers and makes them part of your brand reputation.

News and informations

Feed icon of the La Repubblica app which brings the news from the official website of the well-known newspaper to the display in real time

La Repubblica

Share on displays the latest news published by La Repubblica website.
Inform your customers in real time with this online free service.

The news of the newspaper La Stampa in real time directly from the RSS feeds of the official site with the dedicated Livesignage app

La Stampa

Make waiting interesting by displaying La Stampa's news feed on your topics of choice. With a few clicks choose your preferred ones and Livesignage takes care of the rest.

Sports news in real time directly from the RSS feeds of the Gazzetta dello Sport with the dedicated Livesignage app

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Catch the attention of your customers with the sports feeds of the Gazzetta dello Sport: football photos and videos, news.
All about transfer market, world championship, Formula 1, cycling, Motomondiale and other sports.

Icon display how to share the economy updates of Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore

Share the economy updates of Il Sole 24 Ore: stock market quotes in real time, public and personal finance, rules and taxes, current events.

ESPN news via RSS feed populates displays with updated sports news 24/7 with all the dedicated Livesignage App


Enrich your displays with the best list of ESPN feeds that draw from thousands of rss feeds from the web, categorized by traffic, social media followers, domain authority, and info freshness.

Icon of the Livesignage CNN app which displays the feeds of the historical information channel


Extend the information to an international context with the CNN feed. A channel full of breaking news on general interest topics but also modern ones such as technology, environment and health.

Icon of the BBC Livesignage app which displays the feeds of the historic news channel


Choose the British network to expand your audience’s knowledge of cultural, historical, scientific and social issues through the unique perspective of the BBC Reels.

Icon of the Livesignage NYT app which displays the feeds of the historic New York Times newspaper


Brings on your displays the historic daily newspaper that since 1851 has been shaping journalism on a global scale. Breaking news, surveys, culture and life style to satisfy your audience’s curiosity.

Weather and events

Livesignage weather tag icon that associates the products of your e-commerce and suggests purchases based on the weather conditions

Weather feed

Update your audience with weather forecasts and guide your choices and behaviors.
Indicate the location of your interest and Livesignage will show conditions and temperatures with an adaptive interface that changes color as the sun sets.

Livesignage weather alert icon, the app that warns the population and passers-by of any alert level with ad hoc graphics

Weather alert

Early warn people whenever a weather issue is expected. Attention levels are identified with a yellow-orange-red color scale, with clear indication of the type of risk: storms, wind, ice and snow.