Make a
Win-win choice

Invest in Livesignage for a reliable, value-generating partnership.
Share your projects, customers and development ideas.
We take digital signage to the next level.

Communication agencies are ideal partners of Livesignage thanks to the omnichannel experience

Livesignage is ideal for ambitious projects.
We offer you usable software from the first click, WOW contents and a communication ecosystem that points straight to the results.
Every project has peculiar issues and we lead you to the solution.

features you will love

Automatic contents
Synergistic playlist
API + Integrations
Livesignage system integrator partners are offered consolidated experience, IoT technologies, software integration

Livesignage is designed to communicate with external systems.
We offer secure, high-performance APIs and the ability to extend them to meet your needs.
There is no limit to what you can connect to the display: NFC readers, barcodes and QR codes, webcams and printers.
And if you’re interested in the Iot world, you can govern content and display settings with our Alexa skill and Flic buttons.

features you will love

Samsung SSSP Certified
LG Display Certified
Compatible with Android, Linux, Windows
Performing API
Resellers discover the benefits of partnering with Livesignage through the support and training provided

Livesignage is stress-free for you and your customers.
We manage your time as if it were ours: lean set-up, timely assistance and periodic training on our news and market trends.
The more you resell, the more value you can get.

features you will love

Security standards
Platform usability
Performing contents