kid with a smartphone that shows a communication about the chemistry laboratory
girl watching a display that shows a class announcement
girl showing a smartphone with the class schedule and behind her there is a display
teacher in front of a display showing a class substitution

Digital signage for
Schools and Universities

A digital ecosystem for your school

Offer a modern and engaging educational environment with interactive screens installed inside and outside the Institutes.

digital ecosystem with totem, display and smartphone


Place totems inside or on the school grounds to inform about ongoing activities or promote events.


Communicate with students and teachers, display lesson timetables, and show current content from external sources to get involved and interested.

Display touch

Insert interactive displays to explore school resources or integrate Livesignage into IWBs.


Students and teachers can download PDFs and institute communications directly onto their smartphones.

More than 300 templates

Simplify the process of publishing and updating content with our animated graphic templates

public announcement template
class information template
ministry of education instagram post template
teacher's contacts template
teacher substitution template
assembly informations template
meeting room template
list of cultural events in the city template

A software a thousand uses

"effective communication" icon

Effective Communication

Use digital screens to convey critical information, announcements, alerts, and news quickly and effectively

"student engagement" icon

Student Engagement

Engage your audience with Livesignage for better information retention than traditional paper ads

"real-time updates" icon

Real-time updates

Easily update  information such as events, class schedules, schedule changes, or other important news

"dynamicity" icon


Quickly adapt messages as needed, present rich content, and make information more engaging for students

Automatic content

Show the contents you want automatically by hooking up your database, Calendar, or Google Sheets; connect social media and news from institutional school channels

Icon Check for list
Connect the school calendar
Icon Check for list
Publish news from your favorite institutional sites on the displays
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Shows all social media of institutional channels

Promote the school

Turn anonymous content into engaging and WOW tools

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Diversify every type of message using brilliant videos and images. You will find hundreds of ready-to-use templates
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Publish students' works, use displays like paintings, and use open days to communicate internal activities
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Create intriguing wait times on displays for the start of meetings, tasks, or events with the countdown
series of templates about educational
a mom and a kid at school entrance with two displays by their sides

Your school through QR Codes

Simple QR codes on the displays are enough to create insights, download informative PDFs or book the room for school assemblies

mobile web app that shows a notice about the library
"playlist control from mobile" icon

Playlist control from mobile

Check and manage the playlist order at any time directly on your smartphone

"create form and download documents" icon

Create forms, download documents

You can create an informative form or download brochures in just a few easy steps

"fully customizable in just a few clicks" icon

Fully customizable in just a few clicks

Add as many pages as you want by creating a custom navigation menu in just a few steps

"your favourite contents always ready" icon

Your favorite contents always ready

You can easily access the electronic register to keep track of important information such as lesson and meeting timetables. Additionally, you can search for events quickly and efficiently


Livesignage guides you into
your project

Thanks to our experience in the field, combined with our ability to listen and our creative spirit, we can give you concrete support to make your project a reality with a continuous and reliable service.
We are available to manage all operational activities and streamline your growth path.

How we support your project:

Research and analysis

We study and analyze
the market to add value to the uniqueness of your project.

Hardware consultancy

We support you in the choice of displays, peripherals and
IoT integrations.

Dialogue with partners

We manage communication flows to optimize the times and
methods of implementation.

Content production

We create content with custom templates and high visual

API and integrations

We care about connecting and
integrating all your business

Advertising campaigns

From paper to digital,
we turn your communication project into reality.

Results reporting

Real-time monitoring and strategic evaluation of results.

Testing and publishing

We test the content and
share the preview for
pre-publishing approval.

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