Digital Signage for internal communication in the company

February 27, 2024

In the contemporary business landscape, improving internal communication has become a primary objective to promote a more cohesive, collaborative, and productive working environment.

According to a recent Gallup study, employee engagement and enthusiasm both in their work and in the workplace is 23% globally. It is therefore necessary to implement effective strategies to involve and inform staff.

To goal the target, an effective digital signage solution can be a helpful tool for creating an optimal communication system.

Why optimize the way you communicate with digital signage

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Maintaining a high level of transparency within the organization is essential to promote trust and collaboration among employees. Encouraging open dialogue, disseminating changes in policies and procedures, and ensuring everyone is informed and up-to-date on the latest developments are the main factors in fostering a positive working climate. Furthermore, effective communication allows you to share and organize information instrumentally to the assigned tasks, promoting collaboration and productivity.

For these reasons, a well-structured communication policy represents the first step towards improving information sharing within the company: clear guidelines must be put on paper on how employees can access and share information, defining the channels and communication tools to use, establishing the appropriate tone and language, and implementing an emergency management plan to address critical situations in a timely and efficient manner.

The right technology for corporate communication

More and more companies are adopting innovative technological solutions to communicate effectively. Digital signage stands out among these solutions for being a flexible, scalable, customizable means that combines hardware and software to meet a wide range of needs and achieve diversified goals. From small format displays outside meeting rooms to large screens and video walls in corporate contexts, digital signage can satisfy specific needs for communicating and engaging employees.

Among the main benefits

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Continuous communication:

A notice board used to be in the common areas. Today, digital signage allows companies to maintain continuous and constant communication with employees, providing real-time updates on announcements, company events, and information relevant to daily business.

icona per la riduzione di conflitti e fraintendimenti

Reduction of conflicts and misunderstandings:

Thanks to the clarity and timeliness of messages shared on screens, companies can reduce conflicts and misunderstandings caused by ineffective or incomplete communication using digital signage. Clear messages shared with everyone encourage collaboration.

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Involvement and memorability of messages: 

Dynamic and engaging content is more memorable than traditional means of communication, such as emails or signs, ensuring greater employee engagement and greater effectiveness in conveying company messages.

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Better dissemination of communications: 

Digital signage ensures rapid and widespread dissemination of internal communications within the company, smoothly reaching all employees, even those who work in remote offices.

What you can do in your company with digital signage 

Scegliendo il giusto hardware, combinato con un software innovativo e facile da utilizzare per la gestione dei contenuti, il digital signage offre diverse funzionalità per migliorare il flusso di informazioni e semplificare il lavoro quotidiano.

By choosing the most suitable hardware, combined with innovative and easy-to-use software for content management, digital signage offers various features to improve the flow of information and simplify daily work.

For example, companies can improve the meeting room booking system, allowing employees to check the availability of rooms and book them quickly and intuitively directly from small displays installed outside the rooms: reserve space, consult reservations, or search for another room the Livesignage solution that allows you to manage meeting rooms easily and immediately, optimizing time and resources.

The Live Calendar [LINK] is a suitable and versatile solution for promoting collaboration between work teams. Working alongside digital tools such as Google Calendar or Outlook, the app allows you to view the team's commitments and deadlines on the screen, coordinating and organizing work flexibly.

The screens can also be placed in strategic points of the company to share salient and helpful information. For example, it is possible to share company data and statistics clearly and intuitively through personalized dashboards accessible to all employees.

Livesignage's Control Room [LINK] feature allows you to share graphs, achievement percentages, maps, and videos on the screen that update in real-time and with a fully customizable graphic interface.

Finally, company screens can be populated with dynamic feeds showing the company's social profiles, alternating with relevant content and updates on company activities to engage employees and improve internal communication.

Why rely on Livesignage for internal communication

Livesignage is a complete and scalable solution for managing content on corporate displays. The ease of use and the intuitive interface allow you to personalize the message with layouts consistent with the corporate identity. Furthermore, automatic templates and playlists permit content to be updated automatically, reducing operations to a minimum.

Our team's expertise in hardware and content design allows us to design tailor-made solutions, providing a consultancy and training service to make the most of Livesignage features.

For example, we can guide you in choosing the screens to install in offices or production areas. Or we can configure touchscreen totems or other interactive solutions to involve employees or offer information points.

Livesignage is cloud-based software: data security is a priority. Confidential information, sources, and company data are always protected and secure from threats and cyber-attacks.

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