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Livesignage’s triumph at the 2024 Digital Signage Awards: a story of passion and innovation

February 20, 2024

Just days after our return from Barcelona and ISE 2024, we are thrilled to share the extraordinary news of our recent wins at the Digital Signage Awards.

The gala dinner and the awards ceremony were incredible experiences, full of emotions, as we received two awards: the "Omnichannel Design and Execution" category for our Live Castagneto project and, above all, won the prestigious title of "Outstanding Company" with the Digital Signage Award Grand Prix for the exceptional quality of our software and project execution.

Digital Signage Awards: an international recognition that rewards innovation

The table of the gala dinner at ISE Barcelona 2024

The journey to victory began with the wait and preparation for the big event: the appointment was for the evening of January 29th at the Esferic Events Center in Barcelona, right at the opening of ISE 2024. 

At the Gala, we wore the usual total black, but with the addition of the inevitable magenta bow tie, wanting to add a distinctive sign of our identity. For us, wearing the company color meant transmitting to every bystander the passion for our work, the desire to emerge, and the constant desire to innovate. 
We didn't know it yet, but it would be a special night that will remain imprinted in our hearts forever. 

The Digital Signage Awards represent the pinnacle of international recognition within our sector, celebrating excellence and innovation in projects, creativity, products, and services. For us, the experience was particularly electrifying. Among the finalists, we were the only Italian company and the smallest company.

The Omnichannel category saw Live Castagneto emerge as the winner

Collage of images for Live Castagneto Multichannel board

Our Live Castagneto project is the winner of the "Omnichannel Design and Execution" award: a recognition that rewards our commitment to providing efficient solutions in the direction of omnichannel, with a design approach that aims to integrate mobile, the digital experience and the offline dimension to offer a seamless experience.

The Live Castagneto project, in particular, represents an omnichannel ecosystem that harmoniously intertwines digital and physical contact points in the evocative landscape of Tuscany between Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci. With over 100 strategically placed touchpoints, the project offers personalized tips, real-time updates, and tailored advice to citizens and tourists alike.

The award filled us with mostly satisfaction because Live Castagneto was a project that involved the whole Livesignage team at several levels, demonstrating how every single resource has been able to apport value and quality to the final result.

Quality becomes excellence: winning the Digital Signage Award Grand Prix

When we thought we had reached the peak of emotions and satisfaction, the Digital Signage Award jury surprised us with a second victory: Livesignage was nominated 'Outstanding Company' winning the most coveted and prestigious award, the Digital Signage Award Grand Prix, sponsored by Google Chrome OS and which rewards the company that has expressed the best excellence in the sector.
We knew we had qualified finalists in the category, competing with other international companies, and the victory was a moment of immense pride and honor for all of us.

We believe this statement is the result of several critical success factors, including our relentless passion for our work, the effectiveness of our software, and our "boutique" approach to project development: we offer tailor-made solutions, but we are also able to maintain the features of scalability and flexibility, which make our software ideal for complex and international environments.

Furthermore, our commitment to innovation is palpable within our Demo Room, where we show our software in action and allow potential customers to imagine the final result.

The Livesignage team at the awards ceremony

The journey has just begun: a look to the future

For all of us at Livesignage, these victories not only consolidate our position in the industry but also open the door to new and exciting opportunities. These days, we get many requests for collaboration from producers and industry operators, contacts that we will be committed to transforming into future partnerships and exciting projects.

the CEO of Livesignage Ruggero Barsacchi

When passion and ideas are valued, the gratification is immense, and you realize that each obstacle and effort was worth it. This acknowledgment fills us with deep gratitude and, at the same time, loads us with responsibility and enthusiasm. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and see it as an opportunity to grow and mature, even more, the digital signage market in Italy” says Ruggero Barsacchi, CEO of Livesignage.

We look forward to sharing the next chapter of this exciting journey.

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