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Using QR Codes in a Digital Signage omnichannel strategy

February 27, 2024

QR codes, designed for logistics purposes in Japan in the 1990s, are now revolutionizing companies' approach to communication within their omnichannel strategies.
The most captivating feature is their ability to create a bridge between the physical and digital world effortlessly, using mobile devices, without friction.
In this guide, you will find helpful information to learn how to make the most of QR Codes in a Digital Signage context.

What is a QR Code, and how it works

A QR Code, an acronym for "Quick Response Code", is a type of two-dimensional barcode. Its square grid structure is composed of black modules on a white background (or vice versa) and, at first glance, can look like a graphic representation halfway between a puzzle and an artistic composition.

The peculiarity of this powerful tool lies in itsability to store data,from simple texts to URLs, Wi-Fi contact information, and much more.

To "unlock" the contents of a QR Code, you need a smartphone or tablet with a QR scanning application installed, such as the built-in camera of many mobile device models. When you scan the QR Code, the scanning app decodes the information in the code and presents it on the screen.

It isa quick and effortless process that has become very interesting in the digital signage sector of digital signage because inserting a QR code on screens is a simple operation with enormous potential.

One of the challenges of Digital Signage is precisely that of going beyond entertainment and information, two fundamental objectives of on-screen communication, to achieve a third and fundamental result: engaging the viewer and pushing him to carry out a specific action.

When you scan a QR Code, you suddenly find yourself connected to a world of information, offers, videos, and more in seconds, right on your device. This instant connection makes QR Codes powerful tools to leverage on displays.

QR Code on screens: the access key for your omnichannel strategy

Digital Signage is a powerful visual communication tool for businesses, shops, restaurants and public institutions to reach their audience effectively.
The combination of QR Codes in this digital communication strategy opens the doors to a world of interactive opportunities that create an omnichannel experience.

Let's take a look at the main ones:

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Real-time information

One of the most effective ways to use QR Codes in Digital Signage is to provide additional information about products or services instantaneously. For example, a restaurant can place a QR code next to a dish on the daily menu on digital displays and the paper menu.
Customers who scan the code will be driven immediately to a page with details about the dish, ingredients, nutritional information, or customer reviews.

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Custom Discounts

f you're looking for a way to offer personalized discounts to your customers, QR Codes could be a convenient solution. For example, a clothing store can create specific QR Codes for exclusive offers: customers scan the code and receive a personalized discount or voucher valid for a limited time.

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Opinions and reviews

Collecting feedback from customers is essential to improving the reputation of your business. With a QR Code, the process becomes simple and non-invasive. You could, for example, insert a QR Code on the display and link it to a short online survey or a specific app to post a review. 

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QR codes can be used to stimulate user interaction with the contents on the displays. For example, the QR code can become a trigger that allows the user to land on a web page, where they can decide which information to display on the screen, based on a specific question or the possibility of choosing between multiple possible scenarios.

The advantages of using QR codes on screens

Why are QR Codes so effective in Digital Signage? As we have seen, the answer lies mainly in their power to return an omnichannel experience, precisely because they manage to instantly transport customers fromthe physical world to the digital one.

Imagine a potential customer in front of a clothing store window displaying a campaign video featuring a piece that caught his attention decides to scan the QR code that promises to access more information.
Within seconds, he shifts to the website, where he can further explore the product, read reviews, and convince himself to enter the store. Or, he may decide to save the product and make an online purchase later.

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QR Codes on screens can also be a valuable ally forpromotional campaigns. Imagine, for example, having a screen inside your store. Customers can scan a QR Code to receive an instant discount or access the list of products on sale. The display will not only attract the attention of customers but will offer a direct incentive to purchase. Plus, you can measure the effectiveness of those promotions in real time with data analytics.

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QR Codes can used to engage customers in social media activities. For example, you can encourage customers to scan a QR Code that redirects them to your brand's Instagram or Facebook page. Ask them to follow your profile or share a photo with a specific hashtag – this will increase your online presence and create a community of loyal customers who can become advocates for your brand.

ile or share a photo with a specific hashtag – this will increase your online presence and create a community of loyal customers who can become advocates for your brand.

In this sense, QR Codes become an indispensable tool for an omnichannel marketing strategy.

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The same QR code can used on signs, counter displays, flyers, and much more, not just up screens. This versatility makes them ideal for a marketing approach that spans all platforms, unifying the customer experience.

Use QR codes with Livesignage

Using QR Codes in Digital Signage requires a tool that simplifies the creation and management of these codes, and this is where Livesignage comes in. Our solution offers tools and features that allow you to quickly and easily integrate QR codes into your digital screens.

example of using the QR code at stadiums to order fast food

Maybe you don't know that QR codes are not all the same: the quality of the code is relevant so that the interaction with the content is fluid.

For example, it is right to consider that the longer the reference link, the smaller and denser the squares of the generated QR code will be, and therefore more complex to scan. For this reason, Livesignage allows you to generate QR codes with minimal links, simple, crisp designs, and essentially easy to read.

Furthermore, Livesignage allows you to update the destination link of the QR code over time: in this way, it will not be necessary to date the visual contents, and if you have used the same QR code on printed materials, you will not have to invest additional resources for a reprint.

Livesignage also allows you to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your QR Codes. For example, you can know how many customers scanned, when, and what actions they decided to take after the scan. All valuable data to adapt and optimize your Digital Signage strategy.

Case Study: Live Castagneto

example of use of the QR from various omnichannel supports of Live Castagneto

he Live Castagneto project is an extraordinary example of an omnichannel ecosystem that harmoniously intertwines digital and physical contact points, immersing visitors in the evocative landscape beauty of the Tuscany of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci. With over 100 strategically placed touchpoints, each visitor is engaged in a unique experience, offering personalized suggestions, real-time updates, and tailored advice accessed by scanning QR codes.

From the QR code, the user goes directly to the web app that allows you to explore the opportunities that the area offers and find in-depth information on points of interest promptly on the user's smartphone, without necessarily downloading and installing the application. A carefully designed integration with attention to detail that embodies the essence of the area and guides tourists in their exploration of the territory.

With over 60,000 scans carried out in 2022 alone, the project is changing the tourist experience in Tuscany.

Start exploring the infinite possibilities of QR Codes on screens today and define your Digital Signage strategy to transform your display into an interactive and powerful tool to engage your audience and grow your business.

Livesignage is at your disposal to help you develop and implement your project, stand out from competitors, and emerge in your reference market.

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