Experience Signage: how Lift and Learn reshapes the DS Landscape

December 4, 2023

Experience Signage: how Lift and Learn reshapes the DS Landscape

Despite the incredible growth of e-commerce sales, retail physical shops are far from being a declining touchpoint. Rather, it’s a matter of evolving and transforming the old shop concept into something new.

Retailers, indeed, are grappling with the challenge of making in-store shopping a delightful and informative experience to compete with the convenience of online platforms. 

One of the rising stars in interactive retail digital signage is a very engaging solution called "Lift and Learn technology"

Before going into details about how it works, it is important to recall the leading objective when considering to adopt this kind of technology, which should be, above all, aimed at elevating the customer experience. This is also our method every time we decide to approach a new solution of functionality within Livesignage.

How Lift and Learn Technology works

Lift and Learn does exactly what its name says: when you lift up a product from a shelf or a table to give a further look, to simply touch it or in order to read the label, the experience of learning begins. 

On the display just next or in front of you, a tailored content will start to play with detailed information about the product you’re showing interest to, collateral news such as promotions or complementary product suggestions. You may see images, video, music or a recorded voice giving you the exact information you need at that moment. 

This is possible thanks to sensors, such as RFID tags, which communicate with the displays, prompting them when a product is picked up or engaged with. The triggers can be several and engage different contents based on human behavior. For example, something specific happens when you lift, something else occurs when you lower. And you may also interact with buttons and receive different feedback according to your answer.

We believe this is an amazing way to provide an immersive and informative experience for the shopper.

This is how you enhance the In-Store Experience

We all have been there: you walk in a shop, you see something that could be interesting or maybe you are looking for something very specific. Sometimes you’re lucky and you find a shop assistant ready to answer all your questions. But more often shop assistants are not available or already engaged with other customers.

You are surrounded by a multitude of products, in the face of the so-called paradox of choice, when an array of options it’s just too overwhelming and often resolved by not buying anything at all. 

Often it ends with you deciding you need time to think about it, right?

And this is the moment when Lift and Learn technology can make the difference and effortlessly transforms what could be a daunting experience into an enlightening journey.

Imagine the customer lifting a product, let's say a cutting-edge fitness tracker, from the shelf. Instantly, digital content illuminates the screen, unveiling a wealth of information about the tracker's features. And this isn't a one-product wonder: simultaneously, the technology can seamlessly stream content for multiple items with a high level of customization. 

Lift and Learn doesn't just provide a solution; it crafts an educational and focused encounter, turning each shopping moment into an opportunity for discovery, while collecting memorable experiences.

What are the benefits for different stakeholders?

The advantages of Lift and Learn technology create a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved:

For retailers, this innovative solution goes beyond mere functionality. It allows them to infuse their stores with dynamic technology, creating an engaging and futuristic shopping environment. Moreover, it streamlines the shopping experience, helping consumers access crucial information swiftly.

Consumers, the heartbeat of any retail space, live a shift from traditional and sometimes boring to interactive and personalized experience. Lift and Learn empowers them with instant access to comprehensive product information, aiding them in making well-informed purchasing decision.

For brands, the benefits extend to efficient branding within shop-in-shop areas in major retail chains. Lift and Learn reduces the need for on-site promoters, with associated costs of hiring, training, and management. Brands can now curate an immersive and consistent brand experience across different retail spaces, ensuring that their products are not just seen but also understood.

Which is the right content to deliver?

In the dynamic and crowded realm of contents, simplicity takes the throne, but with a modern twist. While the allure of flashy TV ads remains, the true educational power lies in the clarity and conciseness of digital slides that spotlight product features. 

Picture this: a shopper lifts a shoe, and like magic, the nearby digital signage screen seamlessly transitions into a tailored content showing the shoe in action, how it fits, enhancing design details and explaining how it has been developed. This isn't just about showcasing features; it's about providing real-time, relevant information to the consumer in their precise moment of purchase contemplation.

Now, combine the power of this kind of experience with the digital signage possibilities:

Livesignage, for example, with its arsenal of over 300 animated templates, instantly weaves a captivating narrative about the phone's features, accompanied by sleek visuals and perhaps snippets of user reviews. The content isn't just static; it adapts, suggests, and engages. 

Moreover, as the shopper explores the information, you can intelligently recommend related items, leveraging the potential for upselling and cross-selling. Imagine the shopper, initially interested in a lipstick, being gently guided towards complementary shades or exclusive bundled deals.

Is Lift and Learn suitable only for specific product categories?

This technology finds its spotlight across different product categories. From beauty products to beverages, golf balls to shoes, and even tools, Lift and Learn technology thrives where the explanation of features and benefits helps consumers in making informed buying choices.

The versatility of Lift and Learn technology extends across a spectrum of product categories, creating a transformative experience for consumers. 

Think of tangible products, those you can literally hold in your hand—cosmetics, footwear, and tech devices become interactive storytellers in the hands of curious shoppers. Lift a sleek perfume bottle, and suddenly, the digital screen comes alive with details about its fragrance notes, perhaps even an immersive journey into the brand's heritage.

The applications aren't confined to the retail arena alone. 

Imagine strolling through a museum where Lift and Learn breathes life into exhibits. Visitors engage with artifacts, lifting them to unravel intricate details and historical significance, making the learning experience both dynamic and memorable.

Automobile showrooms, too, could embrace this technology, transcending the traditional test drive. Lift and Learn turns the spotlight on optional car accessories. Lift a steering wheel cover, and instantly, the screen showcases its material, benefits, and perhaps even how it complements the overall driving experience.

The possibilities are really expandable: from educational institutions using it to illustrate complex scientific concepts, to retailers in the wine industry making bottles come alive with the stories behind each vineyard, Lift and Learn technology is a versatile solution that empowers consumers with information in a captivating and interactive manner.


Lift and Learn as a digital signage solution probably emerges as the maestro of customer engagement in the retail market. Its interactive and engaging nature not only ensures that your brand remains memorable but also offers an easy-to-use and install solution. For those seeking to increase brand awareness and engagement, Lift and Learn is the winner choice in order to change the retail game rules.

Plus Lift and Learn developed here in Livesignage is an example of “no software solution”, which means you can easily add, change, plan your contents through AI and automatic functions. For those who will need to manage Lift and Learn in their shop this is a very reassuring concept, since they won’t need to deal with the software interface to plan the contents, but just ask Livesignage to do the job for them: easy and super fast for everyone.

If you’d like to know more or see the solution in action, please feel free to request a DEMO at Livesignage.

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